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Emanuel Homecare Services, Health aides, home aides

At Emanuel Services we started with one basic idea.  What would we want for our own loved ones and family members if they were in need of care?  We have built our business around this idea!


It is the first question we ask when we hire people to work for us.  It is the first question we ask when we qualify and train people.  It is the first question we ask when complying with governmental regulations.


When it is all said and done this is all about family.  Our family at Emanuel Services providing peace and mind for your family.


If you are calling us there is enough stress and concern in your life.  Our goal is to relieve that stress and provide the solution to your problems.  We will do the worrying for you and individually tailor each and every one of our programs to the needs of your family member or loved one.  You aren’t hiring us as much as accepting us into your family.  


If you can’t have peace of mind about the care for your loved one, we aren’t meeting our primary goal!


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